Municipal Strategic Financial Plans

We have undertaken many financial studies over the years to determine the full cost of services, assess financial options and develop user rates and charges for water, wastewater rates and solid waste, financial strategies for asset management plans. We have also prepared O.Reg 453/07 Financial Plans which requires the preparation of statements of operations, cash flows and financial position. In addition to these services we also offer the following:

·         Assessing needs and developing strategic long-term financial plans for our clients. The benefits are enormous in terms of gauging future costs, congruence with Council strategic goals and objectives and financing options; and

·         Developing specific storm water management user rates geared towards removing these costs from the general tax levy and creating a utility type rate/ charge based on the type of property.

·         Solid Waste Landfill Closure & Post Closure Liability Calculations required under PSAB 3270. We have completed these calculations for both Niagara Region and Halton Region.

·         Contaminated Sites Liability Calculations required under PSAB 3260.

We have developed a very robust and user friendly Financial Liability Model in MS Excel which we can offer to clients along with training on its use.