DFA Infrastructure International Inc.

We bring value to our clients through our unique blend of expertise in municipal finance and operations. 

DFA Infrastructure International Inc. (DFA) was established in March 2003 and is based in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Our clients include Local Municipalities, Counties and Regional Municipalities in Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia as well as state-owned agencies in Trinidad and Tobago.

We specialize in the operations management and financing related to municipal services and provide a broad range of expert services to our clients. These include rate studies,  fees, development charges, community benefit charges, financial plans, financial policies,  cost benefit analyses, liability assessments, policies & procedures, by-laws, operations reviews, organizational reviews, water purchase/sale agreements, asset management planning, standard operating procedures, emergency response planning and training and research and analysis.

Our staff understands the municipal perspectives on what it takes to plan operate and finance the various services offered by municipalities. This comes from our staff experiences as former municipal employees and years of consulting experience. We also recognize that each municipality has its own unique challenges which must be taken into consideration. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their project objectives are achieved.

DFA’s fundamental purpose is to bring value to our clients through our professionalism, industry knowledge, expertise, trust, reliability and the quality of our services. 

Our Mission Statement:

To provide, trusted, reliable and quality professional services that will add value to the services our clients deliver to their customers, through the development and implementation of appropriate business practices, technologies, financing and systems to meet or exceed their current and future customer needs, protect the natural environment and ensure public health and safety, in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner.

Our Vision:

To be a recognized and respected leader that offers trusted, reliable and quality professional services to the public sector in the areas of municipal operations and financial management.